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Vanala Hydro Power Project (15MW)
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The Company initiated its second run-of-the-river SHP
at Vanala which is also located on the river Nandakini. The project is about 5 km upstream from the Rajwakti unit. The construction of the project was started in January 2007. The Project was commissioned in September 2009.

 Built at the cost of $26 million, the project entailed the construction of:
  • Bridges and roads to facilitate excavation and transportation of materials to the site.
  • RCC Diversion barrage with gated under-sluice, Intake and Overflow section.
  • Water Conductor System consisting of 1.9 km RCC Box 2.2x3.2 mtr and penstock 2.6/ 2.2 mtr dia 3.6 km long.
  • Surface Power House with turbine setting 10m below ground level.

Salient Features
Installed Capacity 15 MW
Design Discharge 12.5 m3/sec
Net Head 136 metres
Annual Energy Generation 81 million units

Projects underway
The company has also initiated projects at two other sites in Uttarakhand:
  1. A 13MW unit at Dewali
  2. A 24MW unit at Melkhet

The two projects are targeted to be completed within 20-24 months.

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