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Kant Enclave is a residential township on the New Delhi- Surajkund Road close to the Delhi-Haryana border. The development is in a total area of 425 acres (1.72 million sq. meters) which consists of Plotted Development, Group Housing, Commercial complexes, Clubs, Nursery Schools., Primary Schools., Secondary Schools, Health Centers, green spaces and parks.

The cost of development of the project in 1992 was USD 14 Million. The Company holds a 17.5% share with two other partners in a partnership to develop and sell this residential/ commercial space. The following are the different aspects of development and construction:

All roads have been completed and surfaced. The road-works include the preparation of sub-grid, road cutting, soling, water-bound macadam and metalling with bitumen coat and sealing coat. The total road length is 20.7 km.

Development and Landscaping (parks, green belt, nursery)
The development and landscaping has been completed and work included the grading of 180,000 cubic meters of soil and plantation of approximately twenty thousand trees. The total green area, including a green belt and parks is approximately 400,000 square meters.

Sewage system (External services and Sewage Treatment Plant, drainage)
The sewage system is complete and consists of one sewage treatment plant, a sewage pumping station, twentyone kilometers of sewage line and twenty kilometers of water drain.

Water works (pumping stations, underground and overhead tanks, pipelines, water tank for fire-fitting)
Water supply works have been completed, consisting of one water treatment plant, nine pump houses, twentynine tube-wells, three overhead tanks of 600,000 liters capacity each, three underground tanks of 1.1 million liters capacity each and thirtysix kilometers of water lines.

Electrical and Communication works (Street-lighting, sub-station, underground armoured cables, underground telephone cables)
Electrical and Communication works have all been completed and include an electrical Sub-station, street lighting on all roads and the laying of underground armoured cables along all roads.

Group Housing and Residential Plots
The group housing consists of five pockets of five to seven apartment blocks with Base area of 344,000 square meters and 6,005,800 square feet of permissible area for construction. Estimated value at current market rate of is USD 755 Million. The planning and layout has been completed and construction work is scheduled to start early next year. Apart from this, 1629 plots of sizes ranging from 140-850 Sq m with total area of 506,800 sq meters are also available The plotted development is fully operational with all infrastructure.

Commercial Complexes
There are six shopping complexes provided in the colony having a total built-up area of about one million sq. ft.

Film Studio
Five Film Studios in total exist in the colony, one of which is owned by the Company. A part of this is ready for indoor shooting, with parks available for outdoor shooting. The rest, which includes a swimming pool, is scheduled for completion in the next two years.

Social amenities (sports/social clubs)
The social amenities for the residential colony are yet to be developed. These include the following amenities:
  • Social/ sports clubs 3 Nos.
  • Nursery Schools 14 Nos.
  • Primary Schools 7 Nos.
  • Secondary Schools 3 Nos.
  • Hospital & Health Centers 4 Nos.
  • Religious Buildigs 3 Nos.
  • Creches 2 Nos.

Layout Plan

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