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Renewable energy comes from energy resources that are continuously replenished through the cycles of nature. Unlike fossil fuels, their supply will never become exhausted. Renewable energy resources are continuously replenished and will not run out. The main sources of renewable energy are:
  • the sun (solar energy)
  • the wind
  • moving water (hydropower, wave and tidal energy)
  • heat below the surface of the earth (geothermal energy)
  • biomass (wood, waste, energy crops)

Renewable energy resources are clean sources of energy. They can be harnessed without damaging the environment, unlike using fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Increasing the use of renewable energy is therefore a key strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the demand for energy. Unlike other energy scenarios that promote energy futures at the cost of the climate, renewable energy can provide an affordable solution for maintaining economic development without fuelling catastrophic climate changee

The global market for renewable energy is growing at double digit rates and can overtake the size of today's fossil fuel industry. Currently, the renewable energy market is worth 70 billion dollars and doubling in size every three years. Because of economy of scales, renewable energies such as hydel power at good sites are already competitive with conventional power. In times to come, renewable energies across all sectors will be the most cost effective energy capacities.

In the context of today's economic instability, investing in renewable energy is a ''win-win'' scenario: A win for energy security, a win for the economy and a win for the climate. Renewable energy sources have the potential to produce electricity without any further fuel costs, creating an enormous number of jobs and helping lift the whole world out of recession. It can provide immediate and reliable energy for the million of Indians who have no access to electricity today.

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