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Indian Power sector has grown in terms of installed generation capacity from 1713 MW in 1950, 147715 MW in 2008 to 284,303 MW in 2015. The per capita electricity consumption has also increased from 18.17 kWh in 1950 to 1010 kWh in 2015.

The table below charts the growth of electricity generation capacity since independence.

(Electricity generation capacity in MW)

S. No. As on Thermal Hydro Others Total
1. 31.12.1950 1153 560 0 1713
2. 31.03.1979 15207 10833 640 26680
3. 31.3.2002 74429 26269 4348 105046
4. 31.3.2007 86014 34654 11661 132329
5. 31.12.2015 198484 42623 43196 284303

Due to various constraints, the growth in supply of electricity has not been able to keep pace with the increase in demand for it. In the present scenario our country faces power shortage leading to load shedding and disruption in continuous power supply to consumers. The year wise actual supply of electricity vis--vis demand during 10th plan is given below :


Demand Supply Shortage/surplus %
2002-03 81492 71547 -12.2
2003-04 84574 75066 -11.2
2004-05 87906 77652 -11.7
2005-06 93255 81792 -12.3
2006-07 100715 87105 -13.5

The Government of India has set an ambitious target of meeting the demand of electricity and increasing the per capita availability to over 1000 units. The government has initiated steps to address the growing demand for electricity by increasing the target capacity addition during the 12th five year plan but considering the past trends the actual capacity addition is expected to be significantly lower than the target fixed by the Government. The gap between demand and supply of electricity is expected to remain high in the coming few years.

The planned capacity additions during the five year plans vis--vis actual capacity addition achieved during the past few plans are as under:

Five Year Plans Target
Achievement (%)
8th Plan 30,538 16,423 53.8
9th Plan 40,245 19,119 47.5
10th Plan 41,110 21,180 51.5
11th Plan 78,530 54,964 70.0
12th Plan 82,200 50,958 achieved upto 15.01.2015.  

Hydro power is a renewable economic, non-polluting and environmentally benign source of energy, which attains particular importance in the context of the current global concern over climate change. Government of India has initiated concentrated efforts for adding over 50,000 MW generation capacity from hydro-power projects in 16 states by 2017.

Him Urja recognized the potential and importance of hydropower early and has closely followed the developments in this sector and adopted a multi-pronged approach to leverage the opportunities.

Him Urjas strident progress in the power sector is well supported by enabling domestic policies. The Electricity Act (2003) has created a competitive framework for private companies to participate in the generation, distribution, transmission and trading of power. The reforms are linked to the growing demand of energy in the country.
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